Sophie is a first-generation U.S. citizen whose parents moved here from Haiti. Growing up, she watched her mother work several jobs to keep their family afloat and allow her children the chance to thrive. Despite the challenges she faced growing up with financial struggles, Sophie was determined to dedicate her life to helping others. 

When it was time to start her adult life, Sophie took out student loans to study Psychology at a Christian college in another state. While she was away at school, her father passed away suddenly—a devastating loss that hit the whole family hard. Soon after graduating and getting a job in her field, Sophie was diagnosed with a rare eye disorder that would eventually render her completely blind without cornea replacements. Though she was employed full-time, she couldn’t cover the cost of surgery in both eyes. She has one cornea replacement, but the still-diseased eye causes her intense pain and requires expensive medication daily. 

When Sophie’s sister tragically lost one of her twin newborns after delivery, she knew that her family needed her to be present for them. She moved back in to her childhood home to help her sister navigate being a new mom while trying to grieve for her lost child. She got a similar job to the one she’d left, still helping people, and started helping her mother pay off her mortgage. 

Though life hasn’t been easy, Sophie has lived selflessly and her love for God and for those around her has never faltered. She works full-time at a non-profit organization that provides community resources for those who face hunger, homelessness, unemployment, mental health crisis, and suicide prevention, all while working on a master’s degree in Christian leadership to deepen her ability to serve. She anticipates the needs of others, thinking proactively about what can ease the pain of the suffering or what will make someone feel loved. You would never hear a complaint from Sophie about the pain and loss she’s endured because she’s channeled these experiences into a deepened empathy and a call to continue injecting Christ’s love into a suffering world. 

The Dare To Be Foundation is able to bless each honoree with something chosen to meet their needs and bring them a little much-deserved joy. We were able to provide Sophie:

  • A beautiful bag and custom necklace from Able
  • An all-expenses paid vacation and Broadway experience in New York
  • All of her medications and specialized contact lenses for the rest of the year

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