Soon after starting their family, Krista and her husband lost their home in a tragic fire. It wasn’t just their home that was damaged—almost all of their belongings were completely destroyed. In their darkest hour, a local church stepped in to help them rebuild their lives. It was this act of kindness in the midst of the chaos that led Krista and her family to a relationship with Jesus.

Not long after the fire, they found they could no longer have children of their own. Instead of giving up on the idea of expanding their family, they decided to start fostering. Since that decision, they’ve opened their home to more than 50 children in need of a loving place to call home. Since the ultimate goal for most foster children is reunification with their families, Krista became a mentor to the mothers of children in her home, helping bridge the divide that so often deepens once a child enters the foster care system.

When children they fostered weren’t able to be reunited with their birth families, Krista and her husband stepped in. As of now, this family has adopted five of their foster children and they are in the process of finalizing the sixth adoption—a baby who needs a permanent family. Although their house is bursting at the seams, this family knows they have more love to give.

While Krista and her husband are busy caring for their children at home, they have felt another call. They’re currently transitioning out of their contracting business and into full-time ministry. In order to cut spending, they’ve moved into a modest home that will require lots of renovations to meet the needs of their family. Following God’s call could be scary with so many people depending on them, but this family lives in complete trust and surrender. They know God will provide.

The Dare To Be Foundation is able to bless each honoree with something chosen to meet their needs and bring them a little much-deserved joy. We were able to provide Krista:

  • A beautiful bag and custom necklace from Able

  • Renovations on their new home

  • Their mortgage payments for the rest of 2018


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