Michele grew up in a loving Christian home where she was taught the Gospel from an early age. When she met the man who would become her husband at Bible College, they both felt called to ministry. Michele and her husband leaned into their purpose and went on to pastor the church her own grandparents started in 1957—full-circle, right?

A few of years ago, they ended up fostering a young woman from Ukraine who desperately needed a family. At the end of the summer, while taking her foster child to the airport to fly back home, Michele met two other Ukrainian foster children and learned about their brother, who would soon age out of their orphanage and be put out on the street with only a few dollars to his name. It was then that Michele made it her mission to adopt the girl they had just fostered, along with these 3 siblings—and she did just that. In the fall of 2017, all four children came to live with their new family.

Though Michele has always been involved in ministry, she has plenty of other responsibilities. She works full-time as a nurse, homeschools her children and her grandson (they now have 10 kids at home), and runs a homeschool co-op for 75 other children! Michele wears an invisible cape every day, sometimes working overnights as a nurse, coming home to a cup of coffee, and immediately working with the kids on reading and math.  

Where most people see roadblocks and dead ends, Michele finds detours to reach her goals. God has given her the gift of faith and the tenacity to keep going when life threatens to overwhelm her. She believes He has called her to this life, and she lives it well—loving Him first, then the others He brings into her life.

The Dare To Be Foundation is able to bless each honoree with something chosen to meet their needs and bring them a little much-deserved joy. We were able to provide Michele:

  • A beautiful bag and custom necklace from Able

  • A beach vacation for this family of 14

  • $10,000 toward a downpayment on a new home to fit their expanded family


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