From a young age, Laura has put her own plans aside to follow God’s call. When she fell in love and got married to a young seminary student, she left college to commit herself to serving alongside her husband in full-time ministry. Tragically, their family life got off to a difficult start when they lost their first child only a few moments after delivery.

Knowing that God had a plan for their family, Laura and her husband decided to try again. Their next son was born with mental disabilities due to complications during delivery, but in spite of the difficulties, they were thrilled to be parents. They went on to have two more children, rounding out the family they had always wanted.

In her early 30’s, Laura began experiencing strange symptoms—pain, fatigue, weakness—and spent years trying to find an accurate diagnosis. The doctors were stumped. Through her pain and confusion, Laura made sure to provide a normal, loving environment for her children. She was a prime example of playing through the pain, but the game never stopped.

Even in the midst of her illness, Laura gave of herself. Raising a child with special needs had shaped Laura and she made use of the patience and kindness she cultivated with her son to serve other people with mental handicaps in her community. Even now, she serves as a surrogate mother for the many of people with mental disabilities at the day program where her son attends.

Recently, Laura was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Dystonia and early onset Alzheimer’s. She finally has a diagnosis, but nothing she’s been prescribed has been able to truly treat the pain. The medical bills have become extensive and will continue to rack up as she attempts to manage her progressive illnesses. Being the woman of faith that she is, Laura never complains and chooses to spend her days loving on others and honoring God with her humble and gentle approach to life.

The Dare To Be Foundation is able to bless each honoree with something chosen to meet their needs and bring them a little much-deserved joy. We were able to provide Laura:

  • A beautiful bag and a custom necklace from Able
  • $10,000 towards her medical care

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