When Shelly encountered Jesus a few years ago, her life gained new purpose. Taking the Great Commision to heart, Shelly focused first on introducing the radical love of Christ to her husband, her 5 children, and her neighbors. When her family joined a local church in Durham, she saw an opportunity for their community to step in and meet the needs of the local homeless population.

Shelly mobilized groups of volunteers to join her in homeless ministry—making kits of practical supplies and sharing the gospel with those in need regularly. It’s no surprise that this outpouring of generosity and genuine care for others has resulted in many people coming to know the Lord.

In addition to serving the homeless, Shelly always steps up to feed hungry people in her neighborhood or help someone get appropriate clothes for a new job. She doesn't hesitate to take people into her home when they need help getting back on their feet. Often, these random acts of kindness are done completely anonymously and they’re never done with the expectation of thanks.

This Thanksgiving, she felt called to give a little extra to make the holidays special for others and she ended up providing Thanksgiving meals to 33 children and their families. Just a few days later, her world tragically shifted when her husband was killed—a random act of violence when they happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Suddenly, Shelly was a single mom with 5 young children to care for on her own.

A month after this tragedy, in the days leading up to Christmas, Shelly was back serving the homeless. Instead of letting grief stop her in her tracks, she let it propel her to serve others with an urgent love. The enemy hasn’t won in Shelly's life nor in her children's lives. As she came on stage saying "Jesus, Jesus" there was no question that this amazing woman draws her strength from her Creator.

The Dare To Be Foundation is able to bless each honoree with something chosen to meet their needs and bring them a little much-deserved joy. We were able to provide Shelly:

  • A beautiful bag and a custom necklace that says "Never Alone” from Able.
  • A $300 Walmart gift card
  • Utility bills covered for 3 months.
  • Rent for 6 months.

You too can make a difference in women's lives by giving to the Dare To Be Foundation.