Group Leaders

Every Dare To Be event is full of women of all ages and all walks of life.  It's a gathering of women from different churches and different communities, but each woman brings her own unique story and throughout the evening she is reminded of the God-size dream in her heart. We encourage you to gather your mom, daughters, girlfriends, sisters, church groups and co-workers and share this experience with all of the women in your life! 

We believe that anyone can be a leader in their circle of influence and we would love you to join our team by becoming a Dare To Be Group Leader! The Dare To Be team is here to help you get your groups together so you can come and experience this powerful night and create lasting memories with all of the ladies in your life.

Fill out the form below to connect with our team and get more information on how you can form your own Dare To Be group!

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For access to our Group Leader discount and benefits there is a minimal requirement of 10 tickets.
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"Five years ago two women in my church invited me to Dare To Be and promised me it would be an amazing night, and an amazing night it was. When I left that night I decided that I’d get a group of women together to attend the following year. That next year I brought 15 women with me and boy did God show up. The following year we filled a bus of 30 women and headed to the nearest location. Each one of us so blessed to share in an evening of building the kingdom, working through hurts and feeling His hand of blessing. Last year I quickly jumped at the chance for more of my friends to experience God in a room with two of the most amazing women I know, and brought 49 of my closest friends. I love all that the Dare To Be team is doing to encourage women who know Jesus and who don’t, who are in valleys and in storms, and that they speak honest truth in a loving way that represents all that Jesus is." — Mary P.