Freedom Fighters in Grand Rapids, MI


Photo & Message by @heystephsmith | Grand Rapids, MI

This is what hundreds of freedom fighters looks like. ❌ on hands, fire in hearts, against the humanitarian crisis of our time that is the trafficking of people who bear the image of God. Thank you @nataliegrant and @charlgambill for banding us together tonight, on Shine a Light on Slavery Day, in this fight for justice. #enditmovement #daretobeevent



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Honoree Michelle, posted by @candicecarrico | Washington, DC

GLORY TO THE MOST HIGH!!! It's MICHELLE, using bestie's Social media accounts to post. But I am here to say we serve a FAITHFUL God. One who HEARS us and DELIVERS. And I need to THANK each and every one of you for being my prayer warriors!!!! You have to know that this morning I went for the results of my scans after the ARMY OF WOMEN prayed over me Friday night at the #DareToBe event. For 13 years, my doctor has walked in the room and said the nodules in the lung are stable, unchanged. There were two in question. Today, he walks in the room, in the 14th year and says, "well, I can't find anything. Only because I know where to look can I maybe see a tiny speck, maybe 2mm in size." He almost seemed puzzled. But I was not. Because our God is GREATER! I am SPEECHLESS. And I am in AWE of His great healing power. WE SERVE A LORD WHO IS THE MIRACLE MAKER. For those of you who don't know, I have a VERY rare and aggressive form of cancer; there is no cure. But I want to encourage you to not lose faith and to not lose hope in whatever you are facing. Despite there not being a cure, we have a God who has the final say. Over any medical treatment and over what doctors can predict. PRAYER IS A POWERFUL WEAPON! Jesus tells us- "if you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer" (Matthew 21:22). What are you facing today that we can come together and PRAY FOR YOU about? God wants you to know today that He is faithful. That His timing is the perfect timing. That you are not forgotten. He is listening. Let's continue rising up as an ARMY! Proclaiming what we already know! that our hope rests in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ & there is nothing TOO big for Him. There is NOTHING he cannot conquer for he has already conquered the grave. I love you guys!! -Michelle #godisgood #jesusheals #daretobeevent #jesus

Dare To Be Moment: Minneapolis


Photo & Message from @DanikabyDesign | Minneapolis, MI

"This woman had such an amazing story. Heartbreaking but truly amazing. Throughout her life she has had to bury her first 2 babies - then had more but then she had to bury her husband. She became a single mother - helped a young girl find Jesus & welcomed that same young girl into her family with open arms when she found herself pregnant at 17. She then had to go through the death of 2 more of her children & a son in law. But yet - she remains ever faithful & caring. She loves Jesus & takes care of everyone around her. Tonight - the lovely people of Grand Rapids, MI - helped take care of her. I have never been so moved by generosity or someone's story as I was tonight. #forsuchatimeasthis #daretobe #daretobeevent"