More Than Anything


When I recorded this song over 2 years ago, I had no idea how personal these lyrics would become. But God knew all along that He was going to give me the opportunity to live these words, not just sing them. 

Yesterday marked 6 months since my surgery to remove cancer. I’m so grateful to be healthy and whole in my body. But I’m also beyond grateful for the health and healing that’s happening in my soul...learning to seek Hs face, before I seek His hand. Learning to declare His goodness regardless of my outcome. Recognizing once again that it’s not just what He does for me but WHO HE IS. He is the miracle. He is the prize. Jesus more than anything. 

What is your need today? Ask Him for the miracle. He invites us to do so. But don’t have your heart & mind so set on the end of your circumstance that you miss what He wants to do in the middle of your circumstance. Some of you are in the fight of your life and don’t know if you can take another step. I promise what you think may destroy you, can be what delivers you - turning you in to a warrior with a fire nothing and no one can extinguish. 

All that you need, He’s already done.