Guard Your Heart


The thing we often neglect is that when we allow our heart to become weary, burdened, and battered, it affects everything we hold in our hands — our relationships, responsibilities, and resources all become affected by what is or isn’t within our hearts. When our heart is running on empty, but our hands remain full, we are heading for trouble. Something or someone will get dropped. In many areas we will begin to feel more resentment than enjoyment, finding ourselves complaining about the things we previously volunteered to carry. Fueling your heart with good and lovely things is not an annual event, it is a daily discipline.

Our peace, too often, is fragile, easily rocked, and disturbed by circumstances and environments, but God is our anchoring peace. We must choose to delight ourselves in the Lord before we become overwhelmed with our tasks, pressures, and surroundings. We have to make space to meditate on His words, sing songs of thanksgiving, and think on all He has done for us. Our hearts need the fuel of joy, passion, and worship daily so that our hands can be effective and reflect the inward work we have committed to do. We are called to follow Jesus Christ season in and season out, on good and bad days, in the storm and in the hurricane too! In every moment we must guard and protect our hearts.

If you are taking on more, but spending less time to refuel, eventually you will find yourself out of sync spiritually. When our hands are full but our heart is empty we no longer enjoy, we simply endure. Today I am encouraging you to check your heart’s fuel gauge. Maybe it's running on low and you find yourself trying to fix everything around you — take some time to recharge with the Lord. Everything in your hands will benefit from you making a stop to restart your heart. Everything that was dragging will find new momentum. We all have so many responsibilities placed in our hands. Many will delegate and transfer work to us, but only you and I can take on the role of filling our hearts in that quiet place with our Savior. So today, don't let the situations or the people in your world dictate where you need to be and what you need to do. Rather, choose to dedicate time to first fill your heart. Let's be heart full before we are hands full.  

Therefore, as much as we may pray for and desire things in our external, temporary world, we must pray for and desire even more to embrace the discipline of growing and deepening our internal, eternal world—our heart first. Often the multiplication in our hands gets more attention than the stretch that is being made in our hearts. Let's be willing to spend quality time on our internal wealth before we become preoccupied with our external gain. The enemy would love to expand your platform so he can expose any weakness to a wider audience. So let's be diligent to not neglect the unseen in preference to be seen.

Trust God today, read the Word, put on your worship music and let any external promotion or change be met by your commitment to deepen your inner devotion to growth. Then we can ensure that any increase we gain is increase we can sustain!