Turn the Page



Have you ever started reading a book, and then due to time, distraction, or simply a lack of commitment you quit reading? Instead you put the book down, leaving the page you last read folded so when you return you will know where to pick up in the story. Yet, so often, we don't return. We forget, we procrastinate, and we delay. Sometimes it may be because the beginning was a bit slow and we failed to latch on to the story, or perhaps we were just an impatient reader, spoiled by our culture focused on getting to the point—for whatever reason we stop before the real action has even begun. We never complete the story, abandoning unfinished plots and half-developed characters inside those unread pages. 

The same is true in our journey through life and the story of our destiny. Our lives are like that book; a story that is evolving and slowly unravelling itself as we grow, invest, remain diligent, and commit to continue turning the pages. Our undiscovered hopes and dreams are chapters in that book, chapters we may never read if we don’t resist the temptation to walk away when we are struggling to push past those tough and often unappealing chapters.  We must daily commit to turn the pages in order for the full story to be revealed. When we commit to press on, each chapter brings new hope, new relationships, new adventures and revelations as the story unfolds and situations that once seemed unclear are brought to a conclusion. 

When we turn the page, live it out, commit to faith in words and deeds, only then can our hopes be fully realized. That's why Scripture says only the diligent will see their hopes come to pass. Life’s opportunities were never given to the one who passively sat and waited for things to come her way. No—diligence means being consistent, attentive, and productive with what is in front of you. It means studying the Author of Life and the themes He has carefully placed in your story, earnestly seeking to understand His will and purposes, shaping our responses and decisions accordingly. Patience is vital to be able to move forward in the right timing and to the right destinations, so don’t give up in the chapters that drag on; they are just leading up to the main events. Without those days and chapters of preparation, the highlights and turning point events can't be sustained. So keep your diligence to the very end.

So today, are you ready to turn the page and continue what God has begun in you? Maybe it’s a decision to keep in touch with this community of women “daring to be” together, discovering more of who God has called us to be! Often we are overwhelmed by all the unpredictable twists and turns in the plot, but we are called to press on, to faithfully commit to the whatever lies ahead. Some of the things you are seeking are awaiting you further along in the story, so go on. Get excited, pick back up the book of your life today and turn the page. Be an anticipating reader and an active writer—turn the page! Let the journey begin!