Dare To Be Consistent


It is not a glamorous word. It doesn't make your heart fill with excitement or your spirit well up with joy. Consistency speaks more of hard work, persevering patience, intense waiting, and consistent trying.  And yet, though this word may not be the most alluring, it is a quality that can make the difference between an good life and an abundant life. It is the ability to consistently persevere that often separates out those who take steps toward temporary benefits and those who are committed to take steps toward an eternal impact on their faith and journey. 

Recently I was in the USA, and after 11 days of separation from my kids, I was so upset to wake up to the news that their flights had been delayed due to bad weather, and now the prospect of them arriving at all was in question.  The airlines offered no help, only another full day of delays, the roads were closed with snow, and my children were going to be stranded in the Atlanta airport. It was at that moment that my perseverance made an appearance.  Tired of all the reasons why I couldn't get to my kids, I decided I was going to get my kids to me no matter what.  Don't mess with a determined mum who needs to get to her children.  My decision to not accept the “no’s” I was being given forced me to look at different options. I began to look at train routes, buses, and cars. If they couldn't fly, perhaps they could be driven.  Eventually, after hours on the phone, a car was secured, a driver was booked, and the kids were en route to be with mum.  

As I have thought about this incident, I was reminded of how this can play out in our lives spiritually.  We so easily accept the status quo of spiritual mediocrity, and when people say, “No you can’t” or “That’s just the way it is,” we often surrender our potential to discover that God can.  Our lack of determination will ultimately reduce the distance we can travel, and can also compromise the timing of our arrival in places God has called us to be.  Perseverance can be the difference between why someone does or doesn't get the job or marry the girl — why someone does or doesn't get their breakthrough or see their miracle.  The woman with the persistent bleeding persevered, pushing her past the crowds to her Healer.  The perseverance of the blind beggar yelling for his miracle got Jesus' attention when everyone else had told him to be quiet.  The crippled man's friends persevered to get their friend in front of Jesus, opening up a roof and the opportunity for a miracle moment.  Here's my question to you today:

What right now is about to suffer if you give way and don't persevere? Where do you need to recommit instead of quit? What do you need to silence so you can carry on speaking?  Perseverance will get you to those moments apathy will miss. Consistency will get you to your victory. And after a win, we can say YES, the battle is won and gained some more territory. Another breakthrough, another life was helped and more stories were written. So persist past the excuses and grab hold of your future with Jesus.  Let's be women who know where we need to be and we make sure we get there.  Let the journey continue!