Dare To Be Consistent

t is not a glamorous word. It doesn't make your heart fill with excitement or your spirit well up with joy. Consistency speaks more of hard work, persevering patience, intense waiting, and consistent trying.  And yet, though this word may not be the most alluring, it is a quality that can make the difference between an good life and an abundant life. 

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

An unspoken question we all struggle with from time to time, as we navigate the different circumstances and seasons in our lives. Just when we think we know who we are, our situations change, relationships alter, and we realize that yet again we have allowed people and experiences to identify who we are.  But your identity is not in what you do or where you are — it is in whose you are.


"The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him. The Lord is the strength of his people, a fortress of salvation for his anointed one." - Psalm 28:7-8

God, we proclaim today that you are our source of strength, protection and help. We fully trust you. We stand together as a community of women daring to boldly walk in your ways, to courageously say YES to the next level/season you intend for our lives. We choose to joyfully worship you and magnify the name of Jesus with a fully surrendered heart. 
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"I can do it myself now!"

"I can do it myself now!"

The words every parent longs to hear, when they are surrounded by the tasks that a helpless baby demands. And yet, those same words can cause a parent to shed tears when they hear them spoken by that same child who is now a toddler grasping for independence. The milestone moments we witness as a parent when our children move from completely dependent to independent are both joyful and tearful. We all want our children to grow up, and yet, in those moments we ourselves have to also be willing to let go for their good. 

Freedom Fighters in Grand Rapids, MI


Photo & Message by @heystephsmith | Grand Rapids, MI

This is what hundreds of freedom fighters looks like. ❌ on hands, fire in hearts, against the humanitarian crisis of our time that is the trafficking of people who bear the image of God. Thank you @nataliegrant and @charlgambill for banding us together tonight, on Shine a Light on Slavery Day, in this fight for justice. #enditmovement #daretobeevent



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Honoree Michelle, posted by @candicecarrico | Washington, DC

GLORY TO THE MOST HIGH!!! It's MICHELLE, using bestie's Social media accounts to post. But I am here to say we serve a FAITHFUL God. One who HEARS us and DELIVERS. And I need to THANK each and every one of you for being my prayer warriors!!!! You have to know that this morning I went for the results of my scans after the ARMY OF WOMEN prayed over me Friday night at the #DareToBe event. For 13 years, my doctor has walked in the room and said the nodules in the lung are stable, unchanged. There were two in question. Today, he walks in the room, in the 14th year and says, "well, I can't find anything. Only because I know where to look can I maybe see a tiny speck, maybe 2mm in size." He almost seemed puzzled. But I was not. Because our God is GREATER! I am SPEECHLESS. And I am in AWE of His great healing power. WE SERVE A LORD WHO IS THE MIRACLE MAKER. For those of you who don't know, I have a VERY rare and aggressive form of cancer; there is no cure. But I want to encourage you to not lose faith and to not lose hope in whatever you are facing. Despite there not being a cure, we have a God who has the final say. Over any medical treatment and over what doctors can predict. PRAYER IS A POWERFUL WEAPON! Jesus tells us- "if you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer" (Matthew 21:22). What are you facing today that we can come together and PRAY FOR YOU about? God wants you to know today that He is faithful. That His timing is the perfect timing. That you are not forgotten. He is listening. Let's continue rising up as an ARMY! Proclaiming what we already know! that our hope rests in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ & there is nothing TOO big for Him. There is NOTHING he cannot conquer for he has already conquered the grave. I love you guys!! -Michelle #godisgood #jesusheals #daretobeevent #jesus

Dare To Be Free

Have you ever had a bad habit? Biting your nails, saying hi to Ben & Jerry at 3AM, downing 12 Diet Cokes a day? And come New Years, you resolve that this is the year—no more (fill in the blank with habit of choice).  For the first few days, you’re on track. The excitement of taking on your latest foe keeps you energized and focused. The next week, though, your adrenaline is beginning to wane a bit and the lure of that cold Diet Coke staring at you through the drink machine at work is getting stronger. Before long, the hold you think you’ve broken re-emerges and there you go—drinking the soft drink, downing the ice cream, chomping the nails or other such vices. (And yes, I am talking from personal experience!)